About Us

Scotty began doing driving schools all across the United States, as well as in Canada, in 2010. He has taught many racers, young and old, important information that has in many cases immediately improved their ability to win. He has taught racers driving techniques and given them information that they never knew existed until attending his class. Along the way he has had many racers inquire about an "online school" and if he would ever consider it. That's when he realized that there could be a lot of racers that are seeking the knowledge that he's teaching that may not be in a financial position to attend his schools. Well now they can! Scotty has developed such a fantastic deal for the racers that will make it almost impossible to pass up. First of all, the cost of being a member of Scotty's online school will be a ONE TIME FEE of only $89! If you weren't sitting down, I bet you are now. Before we go any further, you need to know that after you become a member of Scotty's online school, if you decide you want to attend one of his live schools, at a track near you, you will be credited back $50 of the $89 you paid to be a member of the online school! How cool is that? Now let's discuss what you get as a member of the online school. When you become a member you will receive a packet FULL of redeemable coupons towards the purchase of about any type of part you could possibly need on your race car. All of these coupons are for parts that Scotty recommends or uses himself. There will be tutorials accompanied by narrated videos showing as well as telling you how to perform each important step in making passes down the racetrack, from the time you pull in the water box until the time you turn off the track! Scotty as well as several other well known racers will guide you through this process with precision instruction. Using the technology of chassis mounted Go Pro cams as well as Helmet cams, and implementing a "split screen", you will actually be able to see the drivers footwork, hand movement, as well as the car in the other lane during live runs! You will actually be able to see and hear how and why Scotty's driving techniques have led him to years of success on the race track. We are very excited to be able to offer you this great package at such an economic value! This package is not just for the person who is just interested in, or just beginning to try their hand at racing. Anyone in the realm from the beginner to the touring pro can and will improve his ability to win by being a part of Scotty Richardson's Online Drag Racing School. We look forward to making you a member!


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